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“Wish you were here.”
This statement is often written or printed on postcards mailed from locations around the world.

When a postcard is mailed from distant, exotic or famous places, it carries with it an implied message of leisure, adventure and pleasure. It is one of the most ubiquitous symbols of a “vacation.”

However, the first thing a postcard really conveys to it’s recipient is the message, “This is where I am.” When it arrives in the mailbox of its intended receiver a postcard also implies, “That is where you are.”

This project changes the traditional postcard message from “Wish you were here,” to, “Wish I was there.”

By changing this expected message, this project explores how the postcard functions as a tool people use to express their desires, hopes, and memories in a material form in order to reference their connection to other people, places, and moments in history.

The project consists of 4×6 postcards each depicting a blue sky with cirrus clouds overlaid with the words “WISH I WAS THERE.” The postcards are not printed as an edition, are unsigned and have the url of this blog on their back side. They are always made available free of charge. This project is ongoing.

This project was first installed as part of a group exhibition by the LA art collective STATION at El Nopal Press in downtown Los Angeles. 300 stamped postcards were placed on a small shelf in the gallery. A small sign kindly asked viewers to take one card from the stack.

On certain occasions and in certain venues the postcards carry a postage stamp to provide for easy mailing. At other times they are inserted covertly into postcard racks in busy tourist spots. They can also be left un-mailed in locations where their receiver is completely random.

If you have mailed one of these postcards I invite you to comment on this blog about your experiences. Who, what or where did you send the card to? Why is this recipient important to you? What, if anything, did you write on the card? What sparked your thoughts about this person, location or event?

If you received one of the postcards I welcome you to comment below about your thoughts and reactions. Were you expecting this correspondence? Do you know the sender? Will you try and respond?

I will update this blog periodically and hope to engage your thoughts, comments and suggestions about this project.

If you would like to know how you can get some “WISH I WAS THERE” postcards please contact me at wishiwasthereproject@gmail.com.

Thank you,

Tucker Neel



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