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323 Projects


323 Projects exists to provide a dispersed, peripatetic, and constantly accessible venue for artists of all kinds who seek to explore issues important to their respective practices. The artists involved with 323 Projects provide, create, or perform works that can be appreciated in bits and pieces, and at more than one time, in both public and private spaces, by an unseen, yet omnipresent, local and international audience.

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Exhibitions at 323 Projects can be reached by dialing (323) 843-4652. Once the caller connects, they hear an audio recording by a featured artist. The only charge for the call is a local connection fee billed to the caller (the same charge one would get for calling a Los Angeles local number). In certain instances the caller will have the option of leaving a message that the exhibiting artist can then hear and do with what they will.

323 Projects is not a commercial gallery. Each artist exhibiting with 323 Projects retains all rights and ownership of their work. Artists may chose to produce limited editions, promotional material, or CDs to be used as fundraising materials for 323 Projects, but 323 Projects does not represent artists or sell artwork for a profit.

Each artist has complete control over their exhibition and can opt to change their audio as much as they like, or they can have one sound piece last their entire show. Artists can change their voicemail message with an easy-to-use online service that accepts sound files (WAV or MP3) of up to 10MB in size. For more on how this works email contact@323projects.com.

Callers then have the opportunity to leave a message. It is up to the artist what they want to do with these messages. In addition to many technical tracking services, the answering service for this exhibition allows the artist to see the phone numbers of audience members who have called in. Again, it is up to the artist what he or she would like to do with this information.

323 Projects was founded in 2010 by Tucker Neel.

Tucker Neel

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