LA Freewaves

October 2011

332 Projects will be participating in Out The Window, a video project put on by LA Freewaves.

Check back for more info….

Through short-form videos, presented across the Los Angeles County Metro bus Transit TV system, Out the Window shares artists’ diverse perspectives about/by/in Los Angeles. With a different video featured each day in October and November, the project links physical and virtual worlds through digital media offerings that coax viewers to explore and reconsider what exists out their window. Out the Window aims to create a communication network among the many social, cultural, economic and creative constituencies of Los Angeles.

The 60 artists’ videos reflect a range of subjects and styles including performances in urban public spaces, background information about LA neighborhoods, animated scenarios, ruminations about nature and investigations of other art forms. The programming tells stories, shares creative impressions and offers critical insights about Los Angeles.

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